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The Focus is Speed and Power. The pace is 100% with the goal to be at an all out max effort. The feeling is intense. Expect a combination of Explosive movements with cardiovascular sprints that will send your heart rate sky high.

Functional Movement 

The focus is athleticism and endurance. The goal is to gradually build momentum in intensity as the session goes on. The feeling is energetic.

Respect the gradual build in momentum as your coach leads you from start to finish. This is designed to peak in the final minutes of your session.

Expect a combination of Dynamic and Rotational Movement Training to unleash your inner athlete.

Functional Strength 

The focus is Strength and Stamina. The goal is to be at a steady grind effort. The feeling is grueling.

Often the missing link to most cardio/conditioning programs. The under tension is a critical element of our program. Expect a selection of compound movements, weighted carries, and single arm/leg movements. 

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